martedì 6 febbraio 2018

DEF.Model Fiat 6614 Polizia with ram wip part 3

In the third part of this wip we' ll glue the upper hull hatchs using cianoacrylate.

I am not satisfied with the rear hatch so I decide to built it with plasticard and Plastruct (90891) quarter round rod 0.8 mm.

  Now we can put on the photoetchs bulletproof glass frames and the water tank filler cap.

giovedì 1 febbraio 2018

DEF.Model Fiat 6614 Polizia with ram wip part 2

Hi guys! Here it is the second part of this very slow moving wip!
 Motor grids, hatchs, suspension springs and portholes are glued using cianoacrylate.

We need to engrave the model to put on the photoetch portholes because the real ones are at the same level of the external armor plate, in other words: these photoetches are needless. 

Some Fiat 6614 used by the Italian Police are equipped with a fire extinguisher apparatus. On the four wheels we can see the fire detection devices tha we can reproduce using some styrene pieces from the spares box.

Shovel is another item we can find on the Police version of this vehicle: I used a Bronco Models one.

O.K.! that' s all for today. Stay tuned and happy modeling!

giovedì 25 gennaio 2018

DEF.Model Fiat 6614 Polizia with ram wip


Well, some pictures from this very long work project I have started last year. This resin kit is not an easy challenge and yes, if you are wondering... I am a rivets counter!
At this stage of work, I put togheter the upper and lower hull using cyanoacrylate and a proper activator.
Instead  with a  mixed tecnique, I have tried to make some realistic welds. The "Magic Sculp" ones are too thick therefore I decided to use a styrene 0.3 mm round rod from Plastruct for the welds on the upper hull.


The w.i.p. by Gianni Scuderi about his Fiat 6614 Military version is very usefull, he made it with the same Def.Model kit 35010 that I am assembling now and I hope you will enjoy it!
So, happy modelling and stay tuned!

domenica 10 dicembre 2017

Hotchkiss 25 mm Mle. 1934

Another walkaround this time it is about a French antitank gun that I like very much: the Hotchkiss 25 mm Mle. 1934. I took this pictures "dans Le Musée des Blindés de Saumur" last summer.
To reproduce this gun you can use the Redux kit 35005 which is basically the older Heller plastic kit with some resin parts and a photoetch sheet.
Joaquin Garcia Gazquez made a great work with the Redux kit as you can see here:

Also Blitz has this gun in his catalogue (35FS2011) but with a differrent type of  wheel rim:
Have a great modelling time and enjoy my walkaround!